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The 4th Working Committee Meeting of International Alliance of Translational Neuroscience Was Successfully Held
11 Jan.2016

The 4th Working Committee Meeting of International Alliance of Translational Neuroscience Was Successfully Held

The 4th Working Committee Meeting of International Alliance of Translational Neuroscience was held in Beijing on September 18, 2015.

Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders Successfully Undertook 
02 Nov.2014

Beijing Institute For Brain Disorders Successfully Undertook "The International Summit Forum on Critical Brain Disorders" of Xiangshan Science Conferences

The central topics of the conference were: the status and development trend of translational medicine research of critical brain disorders; basic and clinical researches and translation of critical brain disorders, as well as cut-in and fusion of the industrialization process; new theories, new ideas, new technologies and new methods for translational medicine research of critical brain disorders; strategic development suggestions and roadmap for translational medicine research of critical brain disorders in China.

Founding of the IATN
01 Sep.2012

Founding of the IATN

Translational research is a powerful process that drives the clinical research engine by overcoming difficulties to apply new basic knowledge in the clinic. An integration of excellent basic research, powerful resources and advanced technologies will distinctly strengthen and accelerate the translational processes, especially if this can be accomplished in a coordinated way at multiple institutions around the world.